Combine a trip to Florence with Your Dream Wedding.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is a place to occupy yourself with glorious history, culture, art, and architecture. Renowned as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, it’s a place of mind-blowing art, incredible craftsmanship and medieval architecture. Attractions like the Uffizi Gallery, the majestic Ponte Vecchio, and the tranquillity of Boboli garden make it a destination to cherish forever.

While the heart of Tuscany is already popular among the travel enthusiast, the breathtaking city can also be an excellent choice for a destination wedding, thanks to its mesmerizing landscape, rich culture, and of course the mouthwatering cuisine. Hence, when you find your right one, why not take the vow of forever in one of the hotel wedding venues in Florence, Italy? The city has all the ingredients to host a memorable, dreamy, and grand wedding in Florence.

Dreamy wedding venues in Florence.

The wedding venue is essential to make your big day magical. Choosing a perfect venue with a breathtaking scenario, art, and architecture will set the right mood to enjoy the love-filled magic. For example, Hotel Brunelleschi, one of the most luxurious hotel wedding venues in Florence, Italy, is housed in a converted Byzantine tower, making it an attraction itself. Located near the city centre, it provides accommodation for the guests, including unique couple suites for the newlyweds with spa treatments and complimentary drinks.

Wedding planners

If you are heading for a destination wedding, it is essential to hire a local wedding planner. At Florence, you will get many professional wedding planners to support you through the heavenly journey. From hall decoration to the table set up, wedding planners will take care of every detail to turn your daydreaming of a luxury wedding into reality.

Florentine delicacies

Classic! the only word that can complement the food of Florence. When you are here for your big day, the world-class chefs will try everything to create a tasty buffet to delight your guests. From traditional to contemporary, you will get the Michelin star standard platter to serve. You can arrange the wedding cake with any flavour, depending on your preference.

Artistic atmosphere

There is something about art that always gives a romantic vibe. It is perhaps because people often tend to express their love through art. From the ancient age, we have seen a lot of romance lies with a great piece of art. Whether you are an artistic person or appreciate all of the beautiful things, you are bound to get mesmerized peeking into the soul of Florence. Strolling through the museum-like aisle with your beloved will make your wedding thousand times more memorable.

To conclude, when you are in Florence, you do not need to invest extra effort, time, and money to entertain the guest. The opportunity to walk in the city centre, visit the duomo, enjoy the sunset from the hotel terrace, and drink the Tuscany wine will automatically bring them a fun mood. Besides, the lush, picturesque countryside can be a great starting point for your honeymoon.