Best places to ski in Europe during November

Skiing during the winter months is one of the best choices for a getaway, whether you’re going with friends or family. The early season can be just as snowy and exciting as peak times, and here we take a look at some of the best places to ski in Europe during November.

Les Deux Alpes

Set in the French Alps, Les Deux Alpes is a great choice for November skiing, and it is even open in the summer months. The glacier sits at more than three thousand metres, ensuring skiing conditions for those who want to enjoy quieter skiing times. The Les Deux Alpes resort is normally reliable for having open runs from mid-November at the latest, and it is a wonderful option if you are looking for a beginners skiing experience.


Thanks to its height, this spot is usually open by the end of October, and you can ski across the glacier even if there has not been a sufficient amount of early snowfall. You cannot always ski back to the resort, but you can enjoy set skiing locations, and sometimes a heavy November snowfall makes the entire area easy to ski. When this happens, it usually doesn’t melt due to the resort’s elevation, and the complete cover makes for some reliable skiing activity. You can even ski over to Zermatt if the weather is good enough!


Austria’s Obergurgl sits at a height of 1930 metres with slopes up to 3080 metres, and it usually opens between the middle and the end of November. It is not a glacial area, but the height allows for almost guaranteed snow, making it the perfect choice for early-season skiers who want to soak up the quiet. The area you can ski may be slightly limited, but it has a good amount of snow at the resort level, and you can even travel to Solden for glacial skiing if you want more guaranteed conditions.


The star of the Swiss Alps, Zermatt in Switzerland is perfect for those who want a fully immersive and festive experience. It opens up in late November and is a fantastic option for those who have a mixed-ability group of skiers to consider. You can enjoy an early Christmas getaway with the kids and hit the slopes at the same time in beautiful surroundings with some serious snowfall too. You can enjoy fewer crowds and some fantastic snow when you head to these European skiing destinations this November! More info can be found at Piste Pro about the best places you can enjoy early-season skiing for all levels.