All the hidden treasures of Split, Croatia

A hidden gem of Europe, the city of Split in Croatia overflows with history, culture, and stunning landscapes. For those who take the time to explore its ancient streets and uncover its hidden treasures, it offers a marvellous experience, revealing a place that captivates the soul.

In the vast landscape of tourist destinations, places that may not feature on the covers of travel magazines often get overlooked but can offer truly wonderful experiences. One such hidden treasures is Split, a city stretching along the coast of Croatia.

Split is vast and wonderful. Its history intertwines with that of the Romans, Venetians, and Ottomans, making it a city full of culture and history that can give the impression of travelling back in time. But Split is not just history: it is a place where the Adriatic Sea blends with architecture, where green mountains rise above sandy beaches, and where local life flows in markets and cafes.

The best way to experience Split

If tourists wish to immerse themselves in the authentic essence of the city, there is no better way than through a free walking tour Split. These tours allow exploration of the city in an unparalleled depth that any basic tourist package cannot offer.

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Through expert local guides, visitors can soak up the culture and history thanks to the knowledge of these guides, who not only share historical facts but also secrets and anecdotes that only a resident or someone who has lived in the city for a long time can reveal.

These tours are not free in the traditional sense; at the end of the tour, people can decide how much they wish to pay the guide based on their appreciation and satisfaction. This provides a flexible, pressure-free experience with an incomparable price where the experience itself dictates the cost.

For curious explorers, it is possible to delve into the opinions of other travellers on platforms like GuruWalk. There, the words of those who have walked before become beacons that illuminate the path to the best experience.

Exploring the wonders of Split

Split unveils its charm for planned experiences over long or short periods, offering a panorama that ranges from the majesty of its antiquities to the serenity of its beaches. As a guide, here are some must-see destinations that can be found on tours around this great city:

  • Diocletian’s Palace: Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this imposing Roman palace is located in the heart of the city. Exploring its corridors, underground cellars, and Peristyle allows travellers to experience history first hand.
  • Riva Promenade: This lively seaside avenue offers a unique and divine walking experience. Cafes, restaurants, and panoramic views accompany the experience as one observes local life.
  • Cathedral of St. Domnius: Admired for its Romanesque architecture, the cathedral is located within Diocletian’s Palace. One of its main attractions is the spectacular views obtained by climbing its magnificent tower.
  • Bačvice Beach: This relaxing sandy beach allows travellers to experience the local culture of picigin, a unique local sport played by the residents.
  • Marjan Hill: A relaxing walk that provides an escape from the bustle of the city. The hike along the trails of this wooded hill offers panoramic views of Split, the islands, and the Adriatic Sea.
  • Froggyland Museum: An unusual and fascinating collection of more than 500 taxidermied frogs arranged in human-like scenes. A unique experience for the curious.
  • Mestrovic Gallery: The place where the works of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović are found.

In conclusion, Split is a city brimming with hidden gems and rich cultural history, offering an unforgettable experience to those who explore its ancient streets and breathtaking landscapes. Whether marvelling at its historical sites, enjoying its vibrant local life, or relaxing on its beautiful beaches, Split captivates every traveller’s heart, making it a must-visit destination on the Croatian coast.