5 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Funny Girl

Do you have a crush on the funniest girl in your class? Are you in love with her sense of humor? Beware! Because you might change your mind after reading this article. Scared? Just kidding! We just want to make you aware of the bits and pieces of her personality, so that you can share an everlasting relationship with her!

Let’s take a look at those five traits you didn’t know about her:

  1. She Does Have A Dark Side: You might think that she’s cute and funny. You also might consider yourself lucky that you will never have to worry about her mood swings. But note that, funny girls have a pretty dark side. They may seem glorious and charming, but they do have moments of despair. But don’t worry! Just bring her some chocolates and flowers and give her a sweet hug, to make her feel better.
  2. She Might Make You Embarrass: Note! Never take funny London Escorts among your friend or relatives. They might reveal that you have hired them without any caution and embarrass you in front of everyone.

But if you are in love with a funny girl, the consequences are inevitable! She never takes anything too seriously and can start a burst of laughter anywhere. She does have a quick wit. She can reveal your most embarrassing secrets without even noticing. Don’t even try stopping her because she won’t! Rather, just laugh with her.

  1. She Never Tolerates Bullshits: If you are thinking you can cheat her, note that she would always come to know it. You may think that she never take anything seriously, but she is very keen when it comes to her relationships. If she ever see you dating another girl or find that you are cheating on her, she will never forgive you. Rather she will make you regret with her dark sense of humor and embarrassing jokes.

Thinking of breaking up with her? Just tell her the truth. This is the only way you can get spared.

  1. You Might Not Find Her Jokes Funny: If you ever ask her to choose either you or her funny side. Then be ready for the answer! Because funny girls can never keep up with someone who cannot tolerate their funny side. She can say things you will never be able to comprehend. Most of the time, you will not even understand what she is saying. If you are not ready to laugh at her jokes, then get ready to split up, because she’s going to do it soon!
  1. She Does Have A Golden Heart: No matter that your funny girlfriend has a weird sense of humor, she is made of golden heart. She really does care for the people who love her and always know how to make them happy. Never ever play with her feelings! She is the one your family would love to meet. Make yourself worthy of her!