Releases in 2017 worth seeing on the big screen

It might have gotten more expensive to indulge in this taste in recent years, but it takes a bit more than price hikes to keep hardcore film fans away from enjoying films where they should be seen: on the big screen.

Take Larry Polhill for example; while he is usually busy helping corporate clients across America crush it in their business endeavors, he occasionally finds a few hours here and there to spend in the darkness of a multiplex movie theater to take in the latest Hollywood releases.

You might love to unwind in the same way that he does, but with so many disappointing films being put out lately, you don’t want to waste your money either.

What movies should you spend time and money seeing on the big screen in 2017? We’ll go over five of our favorites in the paragraphs below.

1) John Wick: Chapter 2

Love a good action flick? This spring, Keanu Reeves with be set to reprise his role as John Wick in the second chapter of this well-received original movie.

After engaging in a personal vendetta that ended in his retirement from the contract-killing business, he receives word from a friend in the scene that bad actors are poised to take over the guild that governs the conduct of assassins worldwide.

Honor bound to defend its integrity, John heads to Rome to confront and neutralize some of the baddest dudes and femme fatales he has faced in his life.

2) Kong: Skull Island

A blockbuster movie in March? With studios angling to get the movie-viewing public into seeing films earlier than usual, the release of Kong: Skull Island doesn’t seem that odd when viewed through that context.

The latest film to explore the mythology of everyone’s favorite giga-gorilla, Skull Island takes us his home island.

Explored by a military squad looking to uncover answers to the mysterious tales of a giant ape during World War II, this Vietnam War era exploratory regiment will soon discover they have bitten off more they can chew.

3) Logan

Superhero films more your thing? Checking out Logan will prove to be a worthwhile use of your entertainment budget funds.

The 10th installment in the X-Men series, the plot of this film revolves around Wolverine, who is living in civilian society under the pseudonym ‘Logan’.

He spends his days off the job as a chauffeur living in an abandoned smelter caring for professor Xavier, who is suffering from a neurogenerative disorder that have been interfering with his telepathic abilities.

Despite this quiet life, Wolverine is once again called upon to emerge into the light of day to put down a newly emergent mutant threat.

4) Alien: Covenant

Those who live for sci-fi and/or horror films will want to leave their media room at home behind to catch Alien: Covenant in theaters.

Drifting across the galaxy en route to a secluded planet, the crew members of the colony ship Covenant happen upon what appears to be a livable planet for humans.

Lucky enough to come across a survivor of a prior expedition long assumed dead, they are tipped off about the existence of a deadly alien life form that will put their survival skills to the test.