Is Mitragyna Speciosa the New Cannabis?

Mitragyna speciosa, also known as kratom, is a tropical plant that stems in Southeast Asia. For many ways, this plant has been used for recreational purposes, but now, people are also using it for medicinal purposes. Experts are worried if kratom is all set to become the next marijuana for people. No one can deny that kratom has been getting a lot of attention every day with an increasing number of fans in all parts of the globe. This plant has roots in Southeast Asia where it holds immense importance for the locals. Some people love it so much so that they offer kratom infused drinks to their guests.

People who are frequent consumers of kratom have to say that this plant can treat several health conditions such as insomnia, stress, depression, skin disorder, obesity, high blood pressure, constipation, and a lot more. However, since it is far less researched as compared to marijuana, doctors haven’t given it a thumbs up for use as a medical drug. Contrary to this, marijuana tends concrete with several proven health benefits and is used by more than 0.5 billion people across the globe. Kratom might have health benefits, but unless something concrete doesn’t come out of medical evidence, it will be hard for us to support it.

The only problem with kratom and marijuana is, they can both cause addiction. Although marijuana has incredible health benefits, frequent consumption and overdose can have repercussions. Marijuana has a long history of being used as a drug. It can be traced back to thousands of years when ancient Egyptians would use this plant for treating different health conditions. However, dependence on any of these drugs can cause addiction and long term damage to the body.

Kratom, on the other hand, is banned in most countries around the globe and has a controversial legal status. There have been several efforts put forward in the past by governmental authorities to ban this plan, but every time kratom fans would flock the streets in rage and support it. This plant isn’t sold publicly, which is why online vendors like paddle quick services to the client by not just producing the products but also keeping the customer identities discreet.

Although kratom hasn’t dominated the mainstream drug market yet, it is expected that it will stand adjacent to marijuana in the next few years. The FDA is already concerned with the opioid crisis and is trying its level best to eradicate this plant. Recently, an FDA spokesperson warned the authorities of the addition caused by this plant and is concerned about its growing popularity. The problem with kratom is, it hasn’t been researched the way other plants usually are. This is the main reason why doctors suggest patients keep away from it.

Because it is cheap, a lot of people say that they accept you afford to spend thousands of dollars’ worth of money on medical treatments. Yes, kratom has established a concrete position in the market, but it will take a lot of time for it to stand next to marijuana near the future. So let’s see what the future unfolds for this plant.

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