Tips on Getting Beautiful, And Fast

Beauty as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but let’s be honest, most of us really don’t subscribe to that and whilst it is most definitely important that you feel beautiful no matter what you look like, there are always some ways in which we can boost that beauty. Nobody is saying that you have to follow what society says about looking great, but simply for you, there are some easy tips which you can employ that will enhance the way that you look, and most importantly the way that you feel.

If you are looking for a beauty boost then here are some top tips on how to do just, with speed.


Have you ever heard of a love spell? A spell which can help bring your ex partner back to you? Well if so then you may not have realised that these spells can also be used to increase your beauty. If this is something that you would consider then head to this website to find out more, if you want quick results then there really is no better option than to conjure up an enchanting and beauty packed spell.


Believe it or not one of the easiest ways to increase your beauty at high speed is to ensure that you are drinking as much water as is recommended, in doing this you will be able to properly hydrate your skin which will ensure that you glow with all of the beauty which you have. As if this wasn’t enough, when you drink the right amount of water you can also significantly increase the strength and the overall appearance of your hair and nails. This of course only adds to that beautiful and glossy veneer which you will be able to show off to the world. The recommended water intake for females is 3 litres, and 4 litres for men.


Much like hydration your body is also going to need plenty of rest and that is why ensuring that you get enough high quality sleep is absolutely essential. When we sleep it is our body’s time to rest and recover and to rebuild broken cells. The result of getting a great night’s sleep is no saggy eyes and a complexion which you will be proud to show off to the world, easy peasy.

Make Up Course

If you wear make-up then you should always entertain the possibility that there is a better way in which you can do it for your particular facial complexion. For example you may find that contouring brings out the best shape of your face and ultimately will mean that more heads turn when you walk down the street. There are make up tutorials which you can follow online, alternatively you can head to a department store where they have in-store classes which will help you find the right style and tone for your make up.

There are lots of options to get pretty quick, and if you really want to look great, why not do all at once?

Help The Planet And Spend Less Time Online

There is a common misconception that an internet-powered world would be one with a much smaller carbon footprint than we are living in right now. The truth is actually very different indeed and our carbon emissions from our internet use alone is growing by the year, to worrying levels. People need to be armed with this information so that they can make smart choices and this is why boiler brand Viessmann have launched the #thecoaltruth campaign, which seeks to inform people of the impact which they actions online are having on the environment. The irony is that through using the internet we can be better informed, but excessive online usage is where the problem lies, and here are some startling facts which you may not be aware of.

Air Travel

Rightfully so there has been a lot of talk in the last decade about air travel and there has been pressure on both airlines to find greener options, and on supermarkets to reduce their food miles. Equally  many individuals have chosen different modes of transport to reduce the impact of airline fuel on the environment. This is all well and good, but did you know that the internet produced more carbon emissions than those of airlines around the world?


You may believe that using the internet is as simple as plugging in your computer and burning a little electricity, but there is much more than that involved. Through the use of servers around the world which eat up energy, the production of computer and gadget materials which involve the mining of rare minerals, not to mention the power which is used for every sent email, every search engine query, every video watched and every message sent.

The Cloud

The Cloud has been branded as some kind of magical software which stores data on an imaginary cloud and whilst this is beneficial for our storage needs, it is not so beneficial for our planet. In fact this storage solution is estimated to produce 830 million tonnes of CO2 each year, equating to 2% of our global emissions.

What Can You Do?

In terms of what you can do to help reduce the carbon emissions of internet usage, you first need to inform yourself further. Below is a video which was produced by Viessmann, which describes the impact of some of the most common actions taken online. Secondly you need to really address how and when you use the internet, seek out companies with greener solutions and look to use the internet only when absolutely necessary.

We must take action now, if not we may be too late.

GoPro: The Best Setting To Make Awesome Travel Video

GoPro is the king when we talk about action cams as it’s the first action-cam on the market and inevitable leader in this category. It actually plays a great role in two main sectors: travel and sport. Many of us own a GoPro but each and every one of us don’t know how to actually use it to its full potential. Most of us don’t know to set it up properly while it can benefit us from all the functions it offers. I don’t claim myself to be an expert but I’d like to share you some tips throughout my career as a traveler.  My suggestions may also help the action-camera owners from different brands. So, let’s get started.

What GoPro camera is best for traveling?

Traveling doesn’t need that much of looking at the rear display as it needs while shooting action sports. However, a GoPro with an LCD screen is an essential one to get the perfect framing or your photos and videos. If you want to just take some simple photos and videos while traveling, then I’d suggest you go with the GoPro 4. But for a bit more professional editing GoPro videos, you should buy the GoPro 5 as it has the integrated video stabilization mode. The price of these two cameras varies but your choice depends on your budget. You’ll need to consider spending quite a bit of money if you’re thinking about buying a GoPro.

Why is a GoPro the best for traveling?

GoPro is a very tiny camera and it’s one of the most important features of this camera. With this small piece of technology, you will be able to take spectacular photos and videos. It has only a few centimeters in length and height, and it’s very easy to use. As it’s not a cumbersome thing, it’s very easy to be handled and to be carried around.
It has an integrated external case which makes it the best camera to take with you to the beach, sea, swimming pool and even on the ski slopes, as the case protects it from sand and water. It’s even the best camera to snap some photos with while you’re doing snorkeling because of its great handle floaty backdoor. You can use its incredible number of accessories in many different situations. You can also use it while practicing a sports activity rather than simply traveling. It allows you to take amazing panoramic shots and outstanding selfies as it has a 170° wide angle lens. You can also take gorgeous landscapes behind your shoulders when mounted on a selfie stick. You can remotely control the camera with the WiFi connection service and download the photos and videos you take from your smartphone directly. It helps you to share the photos on your social media apps and share them with your friends.

How to Set your GoPro for Traveling?

Here I have tried to cover all the detail on the five settings, both with photos and videos.

  1. Video Setting: 1080p wide at 60fps is the all-around best video setting. You can capture a good quality video with decent slow-mo capabilities with this setting.
    You can experiment after getting the hang of shooting video with GoPro but choosing this setting would be ideal for you to get started and for dependable quality.
  2. Burst Mode: Burst mode should be chosen on 30 in 1 second or 30 in 3 seconds. If you want to capture the quick bursts of action, it’s the best mode then. When you press the shutter, the camera fires off your shots in a fast burst. Stop shooting right there. Either you can use a single shot from a burst or combine them together to show a nice sequence of action.
  3. Auto Low Light: With the help of auto low light, you can go from bright to low light settings without doing anything. If you do a lot of driving or biking videos while passing through sunny and shaded areas, this feature is perfect for you.
  4. Quick Capture: You can turn your GoPro camera into the one-button camera with the QuickCapture feature. It’s not a default setting, so you have to turn it on. You simply press and release the shutter button while your camera is powered off, and it starts recording video on its own. You can also start shooting time-lapse by pressing and holding until you see the time-lapse icon.
  5. ProTune:  Turn on the ProTune in order to get the best quality photos and videos. It gives you a range of options while you’re shooting and editing. It enables you to edit for a truer color result when you’re shooting in ProTune. But you can also just leave it off if you’re not interested in editing.

So, these are the five best settings for you. After some simple adjustments, your video will look amazing. Hopefully, these settings given above will help you to produce awesome travel videos. You can also invest in a carry case for your GoPro and its accessories. It helps to keep your GoPro, batteries, charger, LC screen, etc. in a safe place while you drift around shooting awesome footages.

How to Show Your Partner That You Love Them This Christmas

Christmas time is almost upon us which means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about what gift you will be picking up for your loved one this year. Planning ahead helps to take the financial pressure off buying gifts, as well as giving you ample opportunity to make sure that you get the perfect gift for your partner. The best gift that you can buy for your partner this Christmas is one which tells them just how much you love them, and we have some great ideas which you may wish to consider, in order to get your message across.

Romantic Break

A physical gift is not always the best idea and something which is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face is to take them on a romantic getaway. Life can be stressful and time together is often a rare commodity which is why getting away to relax on a quiet romantic break could be the best gift that you buy this year. The location isn’t of great importance, as long as it is somewhere far from home, in a relaxing environment, where the two of you can be alone and enjoy your time together.


Not all gifts need to cost the Earth and with the time that you have between now and Christmas, you could put together something truly special for your loved one. A memory book or an album is a beautiful way to show your partner what they mean to you and it is something which they can treasure forever. Rake around for any ticket stubs, photographs and any memorable items of things which you and your partner have done together, and then add some written notes about where you were, what you have achieved and how much you love them. A personalised gift such as this is the perfect way to say I love you.

A Pet

If you don’t already have a pet then this could be the perfect opportunity to bring in a new member of the family, as a gift for your loved one. The most common pets to buy are of course the likes of dogs and cats, hamsters, rabbits and canaries, and any one of these animals could be the perfect idea as a gift for your partner this Christmas.If getting a cat, don’t forget high quality, nutritious low carb cat food.

Special Day

One of the most romantic gifts which I have received has been a day which was dedicated to me, and doing this for your partner could be a wonderful idea. You could take your partner out for a spa day, a day dedicated to their biggest loves and shower them in attention for the entire day. If you decide on this gift then make sure that you have the whole day mapped out including food and activities. Choose a day when there is nothing else going on and dedicate it to showing your partner just how much you love them, the perfect Christmas gift.

Mykonos: the Greek island with the numerous beaches and craziest parties

What made Mykonos island so famous around the world are mainly two things: the great variety of its beaches and the intense nightlife with parties everywhere. International celebrities, VIPs and jet-setters seem to love this combination, making Mykonos one of their favorite spots to relax, have fun and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Why thousands of tourists choose Mykonos for their summer vacations

Mykonos island is often described as a “small piece of Paradise” by those who have already been there. This is not so far from truth, as Mykonos offers a lot of beauties and all the things anyone would need to have fun and a relaxing good time.

Although it is called “the island of winds”, Mykonos has many protected and organized beaches where visitors can have a great time. As the winds usually blow from the North, at the southern beaches are only affected by a soft breeze, which is really pleasant under the strong Aegean sun.

Picturesque sceneries alternate before your eyes: the traditional Cycladic neighborhoods in Chora and the fishermen villages, the wild nature of the virgin beaches, the sandy beaches with the turquoise waters, the luxury hotels, Mykonos villas and yachts.

Luxury is another key to Mykonos fame. Most people wish to spend their vacation time in an elegant environment with good services to spoil themselves a little. Many prefer to rent a villas Mykonos to complete that lavish feeling, while others, more regular islands guests go a little further and spot the available Mykonos villas for sale so that they can secure their spot in paradise for good! One thing is certain; here you will find all these that will make you feel like a star.

More than thirty beaches all over the island of Mykonos

It is hard to believe that a small island can have so many different beaches but this is completely true. There are three types of beaches in Mykonos: party, lounge and virgin ones.

Party beaches are found at the southern shoreline, offering a lot of services, watersports facilities, sun beds and umbrellas for rent during daytime and the biggest night clubs that host the wildest parties. They are often crowded and you can feel the party vibes even in the morning.

Lounge beaches are mainly on south and west sides of the island. Most of them are organized, offering everything you will need for a relaxing day on the beach.

Virgin beaches have no facilities and may be difficult to access but they offer great views and bonding with the nature. They never get crowded so they are ideal for those who wish for a little privacy and quietness.

The most famous beaches in Mykonos

Paradise, Super Paradise and Psarou beaches are the most well-known Mykonos party beaches. Thousands of visitors come here just to join the crowds and have fun in an endless day-and-night party.

Platys Gialos, Paraga, Ornos, Kalafati and Elia beaches are also well-known for their beauty and the relaxing atmosphere they offer. They are easily accessible, organized and suitable for families as well.

Korfos Beach is the most famous windy beach in Mykonos as the strong winds that blow here attract many windsurfers from around the world. It is not the best beach for swimming or sunbathing but when you get tired of the waves you can just walk to Ornos Beach which is within a walking distance from Korfos.

Crazy parties on the beautiful sandy beaches

The night falls, the music gets louder, people start dancing right where they are: on the chairs, at the bar, on the sand. A famous DJ picks up the latest dancing beats and beautiful girls start getting rid of most of their clothes. Somebody opens the first bottle of champagne and a champagne shower begins. Those who get really hot and tired from dancing take a break, dive into the sea and return for more dancing.

This is a typical picture on a party beach of Mykonos. The party goes on until next morning, when the sun comes up. Don’t be surprised if you see many celebrities and VIPs having fun among common people – it is something regular in Mykonos’ famous night clubs.

Tips to enjoy a frenetic party in Mykonos night clubs

Having fun is great but you need to organize some details before you decide to participate in one of the crazy parties in Mykonos. For example, if you are tired you will not be able to dance as much as you would like to. Here is a short list of tips to help you have a really unforgettable great time.

  • Make sure you had a lot of sleep or a relaxing day
  • Wear your swimming suit and chic, comfortable clothes above it
  • Book your VIP access to the club of your choice in advance
  • Make arrangements for your transportation back to your hotel room or villa
  • Arrive at the club early, as the best spots will be soon taken

What Can You Do with a GIST Degree?

GIST or Geographic Information Science Technology is becoming an increasingly popular degree course in the United States, not least because of the amount of different careers available upon graduation.  After graduating from an online GIST program, you can work for the government, for law enforcement and criminal justice, in transportation, or even for health and human services, the options are endless. Although you may be also one of the millions of American graduates with student loans that can add immense stress to your career. Fortunately, there is now a student loan calculator that can help you refinance to lower your interest and make your debt manageable.

And, now that colleges like the University of Southern California are offering online geographic information science and technology degree courses, anyone can study from the comfort of their own home.  The infographic below, created by the university, explains in full just what you can do with a GIST degree.  As you can see, there are tons of industries you can work in.

Common Career Paths for the Student of Geographic Information and Technology is an infographic created by the University of Southern California.

3 Important Moments in Modern History That Altered the Course of the World


History is always a fascinating subject to explore. There have been plenty of historic moments that helped shape the present that we know today. There were also a lot of important events that completely altered the course of the world. It is always fascinating to see the way these big events have transformed the way we perceive each other.

Here are three big events that are too important to ignore. We are going to review these three historic moments in this article.

The American Revolution

According to the online master of art in history program at Norwich University, the American Revolution is an important series of events that altered the course of the world completely. It started with the members of the American colonial society revolting against the British Empire in 1765. It quickly turned into a war and ended with the British being driven out of Boston.

The American Revolution officially ended when a treaty was signed in 1783, seven years after a declaration of independence was announced in 1776. That agreement, known as the Treaty of Paris, acknowledges America’s independent state and complete separation from the British Empire.

The independence of the United States wasn’t the only important moment during the American Revolution; in fact, it is not regarded as the most course-altering moment in history. It was the first election held in the United States that experts consider to be the most defining moment in the American Revolution. The world watched and the whole process solidified the US’s influence on the way democracy is seen and practiced.

The Tearing Down of the Berlin Wall

A lot of experts still argue about the importance of this moment in history, but the tearing down of the Berlin wall is, and will always be, a historic moment to remember. There was a lot of suspicion and distrust among Germans at the end of WW2, culminating in the country being split in half by the Berlin Wall.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was an important signal to the world. It marked the beginning of the end of communism and brought power back to the people. The immense pressure the German people exerted on the Communist government changed the course of the world completely.

World War II

According to the online MAH program of Norwich University, World War II was a war that involved almost every major country in the world. The scars from this global war and the marks it left on our history can still be seen even today. The war pushed us further than ever in terms of industrialization and technology. At the same time, it held us back and ripped the economy to pieces.

Without it, however, we may not have pressurized cabins, the Jerry can, jet engines, and computers. The entire modern world we know today is the result of many great inventions fueled by the needs of the competing countries during World War II. That is how important and course-altering the war was, despite the massive loss on all parties involved.

A Guide to Purchasing a Point of Sale Package


The point of sale (POS) system in a restaurant is mainly charged with the checkout. Sometimes, there are free POS terminals in locations such as supermarkets as well. The system includes both hardware and software, and have come to replace electronic cash registers. The POS system for iPad is one of the latest developments.

A sales person, regardless of the industry in which they work, uses the POS system for every element of the sale. They can tick on the item they want, which is of particular use in restaurants and bars, take payments, print receipts, and more. Such a system has greatly increased overall customer satisfaction, because the system is very quick. At the same time, it has increased employee satisfaction, because the system is so reliable and easy to use. For management, meanwhile, it means quicker turnaround times, which means more business.

A good POS system includes:

  • The software required.
  • The computer and monitor, which can be an iPad or similar device.
  • The printer for receipts.
  • A cash collection drawer.

Once the system is switched on, it displays the customer’s details, enabling them to see everything that was ordered and purchased. Additionally, it has a full payment system, which can even capture electronic signatures, and a pin pad for those who need to enter their pin number. Contactless payments can also be taken.

Another really cool thing about these systems is that they can include special offers. In the retail industry, for instance, they could include a special “buy one get one free” deal. In a bar, they may include happy hour, which will only run for a certain period of time. Best of all, the system also handles inventory control, so that the right items can be at the right place at the right time, or so that they can be reordered.

The hospitality and retail industries are the two industries that have benefited the most from these POS systems. This is because they also have report functionalities, which enables the industry to track their sales, see who is on shift, and how much they should get paid. Because the information is cloud-based, anyone with the right credentials within the organization can access the information that is relevant to them. This includes accounting, payroll, and ordering for instance. Plus, management can also remote access the information so long as they are somewhere with an internet connection.

The advent of the internet, and then of wireless systems, has truly changed the world. This has enabled industries to greatly increase their customer and employee satisfaction, while at the same time making it easier and quicker than ever to meet organizational goals. The fact that, in a restaurant for instance, an order can be taken at the table and automatically sent to the kitchen, without staff having to walk there, has greatly increased efficiency. Furthermore, new improvements are being made and added all the time, which means these systems are becoming better and better.

Will Technology Boost Inequality?

Many people believe that technology helps the world becomes a better place to live. Since the invention of hunting tools in the Paleolithic Age, technology has also evolved along with us humans. Today, ordinary people use smart apps while developers use application performance management. We can now manage almost everything through apps.

On the other hand, it seems that technology is not really for all. It looks as though it is created only for the interest of a few people. Our society is divided into two main camps being the wealthy and the underclass.

Wealthy people usually are owners of large companies and asset holdings while the underclass is comprised of workers, tradesmen, and the unemployed whom the wealthy call the reserved workforce.

How Can Technology Cause Inequality?

When we talk about inequality, we refer to the growing number of people who become impoverished as a result of unemployment. Unfortunately, technology can contribute to such inequality by means of automation. Although the threat about automation has been around since the industrial revolution, it has almost been forgotten because automation hasn’t actually taken place yet.

However, the information age seems to fulfill such threats as automation is now becoming a reality. The use of artificial intelligence and the growing popularity of the internet of things (IoT) are examples of how automation is happening now.

Today, employers use AI to free their recruitment personnel from the daunting tasks of selecting job applications. Live chat support agents are now being replaced by chatbots. Even cab drivers have something to be afraid of because of the growing popularity of self-driving cars initiated by Google Car.

In the past, workers were afraid to be replaced by machines. What happened was that production machines ended up requiring more people to work them; however, these days, even machines can be replaced by AI and IoT technology. This means that the real threat of automation is stronger today than ever before.

Since many companies have started replacing manual tasks with productivity apps, many conventional jobs are no longer in demand. These days, more and more business activities are going to autopilot. As a result, many people are losing jobs, and it’s difficult to find one; therefore, poverty is now a major concern.

Is There a Way Technology Can Promote Employment Instead?

Technology, on the other hand, offers a lot of possibilities. If technology can possibly eliminate traditional jobs, it can also possibly create new ones. Technology has eliminated many secretarial jobs only to find out it’s creating more virtual assistant jobs.

In other words, there is a possibility that automation would offer more opportunities that what we could expect. Today, there are a lot of jobs that were unimaginable a century ago when automation became a threat.

Examples of these jobs are IT developers, SEO specialists, social media managers, and email marketers. These jobs didn’t exist before, and because of technology, they now provide means for many people to survive.

It’s easy to see the negative side of the coin, but it’s difficult to figure out the positive end; nevertheless, technology will bring us a lot of things far beyond our imagination now. Technology will create more jobs which we still don’t know today. Let’s not forget that tech companies like Google, and Apple employ a lot of people because of technological changes.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that automation aims at eliminating manual jobs, and this will push many people away from work. However, the impact of automation to the unemployment rate is not that significant yet, so there is a need study it thoroughly before you could give a definite verdict.

Express Your Creativity On The Internet

The internet is one of the most powerful and intricate inventions of our time, it has the power to connect people from all over the World, it has changed the way in which we live our lives and it is an ever changing landscape of digital technology which enables us to do almost anything that we set our mind to. Despite this incredible power and limitless possibility, I far too often find myself sat on YouTube watching videos of animals fighting, a child biting his brother’s finger or old X-factor auditions when I want to pass some time online.

I decided a couple of months back that I was going to start to use my time online to do something a little more creative than just checking social media and if you want to do the same then here are some great things that you can be doing to express your creativity online.


Why not flip the YouTube camera around and become a star yourself, there are people out there getting millions of views on their YouTube channels, Nigerian pastor and prophet TB Joshua has a channel called Emmanuel TV which has amassed over 700 million views, that is just an example of the success which you can find here. The idea is to be funny informative, thought provoking or altogether weird if you want to find success on YouTube and if you are engaging enough then you could become a star.


Blogging is a great way to express your creativity on the internet, you can blog about absolutely anything that you want to and meet people across the web who share your ideas. The beauty of blogging is that it offers absolute freedom and gives you a chance to show off your creative side. In order to gain traffic you should be utilizing social media to grow your blog’s reputation and engaging regularly with readers of your blog. Blogging can be used to share written content, photography, videos and everything in between and it can be a great way to use your time online.

Sell Yourself

If you have a gift for making things then you could be in line to make some money by selling your hand made wares on the internet. Websites like Etsy specialize in the selling of hand-made and unique products and this can be a great place for you to show off what you can do and make some money in the process. For example, if you are good at making niche products, like customizing beach balls with logo of a sports startup vendor for its brand promotion in trade fairs, or selling customized seasonal home decorative items, etc., then it’s going to add a good amount of credit to your bank account. Be warned, the bar is pretty high on these websites so you need to be sure that your designs and creations are absolutely on the money, if you sell sub standard stuff then you won’t last very long in the marketplace.

There are many other ways in which you can get creative online, these are just some of the ways that I have been exploring in the past few months, the key is to try something different and stop spending your days on YouTube like I used to.